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it's simple.

Up until now, algorithmic crypto trading was reserved for a handful of expert traders. Trality finally lets leisure traders who have limited experience with algorithmic trading make use of trading bots to continuously beat the crypto market for profits. It’s simple: experts design the most complex bots and everyone can follow their trade signals without investing much time and know-how.

follow bots.

On our bot marketplace, select a bot from an expert that you like and follow it. While the expert is carefully watching and adjusting the bot's strategy, your own bot mirrors the expert’s every algorithmic trade onto your account.
Traliy App Overview
Algorithmic Trading Candles

what is algorithmic trading?

Trading bots are a set of algorithms that control automated buying and selling of assets. Doing so they are exploiting price volatility, which is particularly high in crypto currencies.

your funds are safe.

Your funds will always remain safe, in fact, the bots on trality never even touch them directly but instead they send trading signals to your trusted exchange such as Binance, Bittrex or Bitfinex. Trality will never be able to withdraw your funds!
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Trality Dashboard Overview

build bots.

Some traders just love to build custom trading bots. They are wizards with technical analysis and they want to maintain and improve their bots constantly

build trading bots for free.

We believe that knowing how to build a crypto bot is pretty cool. So we developed the most advanced bot editor in the field of crypto trading. It includes vast tools for algorithm optimization as well as dynamic coin selection and order optimization based on machine learning technology.
Trality Code Editor

rent out bots and generate income.

The cherry on the cake for expert traders: publish the bot you create on the Trality bot marketplace and generate income from people who mirror it - all without having to reveal a bit of your algorithm.
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