crypto trading.

Code, build, optimize and live-trade your trading bots using our Creator tools. Or follow Creators on our marketplace on your mobile app. The choice is yours! ✌️
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Ways to create your trading bot.


Make the most of your Python skills and rely on our cloud-based Code Editor for bots.


Master our Rule Builder and develop bots without the need for a single line of code.


Perfect your bot with backtesting and practice trading including detailed charts and metrics.

Fall in love with our Creator tools.

Powerful Python API to code algorithms
Flexible Rule Builder to build logic
Fast Backtester to optimize bots

Connecting traders.

Whether you create trading bots or you prefer to let others do the hard work for you: the Trality Bot Marketplace is where Creators and Followers come together to profit from each other.

  • Creators publish their best bots onto the marketplace
  • Followers select a bot which matches their objectives
  • Followers reward Creators with a monthly rent for their efforts
  • Algorithms will always remain visible only to the Creator
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Your funds and algorithms are safe.


Your funds lie safely on your exchange. Trality will never touch them directly and only use official exchange APIs.


Your algorithms run reliably 24/7 and never miss a trade. Trality eliminates the need to setup your own trading servers!


Your trading strategies are end-to-end encrypted. We can't see your strategies as they are in-browser encrypted (coming soon!).

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Evolve your algorithmic trading game!

The cherry on the cake with Trality: become more and more proficient with algorithmic trading using our different Creator Tools.

  • Move closer to mastering the art of coding algorithms by working with automatically generated Python code from rule-based bots.
  • Enjoy video tutorials to learn more about algorithmic trading.
  • Make use of our detailed documentation.

Start trading now!

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