It's simple.

Follow bots
With the Trality Bot Marketplace, you can start trading like a Wall Street Pro: follow the best-rated expert bots and mirror its trades. No need for expert skills.
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Create bots
Trality gives you the most advanced tools to create trading bots. And more! Start building a follower base and generate a risk-free side income.
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Profit from each other
On Trality, leisure and expert traders can profit from bots individually but, more importantly, also from each other.

Follow bots.

On the Trality Bot Marketplace, simply select a bot from an expert, which matches your objectives and follow it. While the expert is carefully watching and adjusting the bot's strategy, your own bot mirrors the expert’s every algorithmic trade onto your account.

  • Make profits with algorithmic trading
  • Follow a quality-screened expert bot
  • Enjoy complete safety of your funds

Create bots.

We believe that building a trading bot is pretty cool. That's why we crafted the Trality Bot Creator: the most advanced editor of its kind that leaves nothing to be desired. The cherry on the cake: publish your bot to our Trality Bot Marketplace and generate risk free side-income.

  • Advanced coding in the Trality Bot Creator
  • Blazing-fast backtesting
  • Build a follower base and generate income

Frequently asked questions.

Where do i need to deposit money/how do i start trading?
All you need is an account on your favorite crypto exchange as well as API keys, which allow access to it. We currently support Binance and more exchanges will follow. For more info on connecting exchanges and APIs, please visit our wiki.
How do you guarantee that the bots on the marketplace arent used for scamming people?
We have a state-of-the-art screening process in place, which will ensure only trustworthy bots to be published on the Bot Marketplace. This includes a set of risk/return criteria as well as extensive scenario testing of each bot.
How do you guarantee that my algorithm remains safe and unseen by others?
All bots are completely sandboxed and run individually. Your followers will never directly touch your bot or the underlying code/algorithm. Instead, Trality only mirrors signals and portfolio distributions depending on the circumstances of the individual follower. Logging, debugging and other functionality is not available for followers.
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