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Profit from algorithmic trading in one of two ways, either by creating trading bots or renting them.

Marketplace Rentals
Invest in experts

Invest in experts and beat the market

Achieve your trading objectives by investing in any one of our rigorously screened bot creators.

  • Benefit from the expertise of experienced Python programmers.

  • Analyze the bot’s performance metrics before you decide to invest.

  • Receive updates in real time whenever a creator tweaks a bot.

Create bots, attract investors, and get paid

You’ve got the expertise and experience. Why not get paid for them? For every investor, you are rewarded with monthly rent.

  • Generate income without the need for large initial funds.

  • Collaborate with investors and optimize your bot’s profitability.

  • Your algorithm will never be revealed to anyone.

Simple, Safe, Secure
Start trading now

Start trading now

Trality has a comprehensive array of offerings tailored to your crypto needs.


Connect an Exchange

Choose from our constantly expanding list of some of the world’s most trusted exchanges.


Simple, Safe, Secure

Rent a bot
Invest in bots

Let bot creators work their magic and then simply mirror their trades.

Follow a bot
Everyone benefits

Trality’s Marketplace offers a mutually beneficial space both for Creators and Investors.

Fully vetted

Trality only approves the best strategies, and we provide performance metrics for peace of mind.

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Creator FAQs

Learn more about creating, testing and monetizing bots.

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