Build trading strategies without Code

Start your journey to profitable algorithmic trading with the Trality Rule Builder. Its graphical user interface lets you build your trading bot's logic by simply dragging and dropping indicators and strategies.

Create bots in minutes, not days!

With Trality’s Rule Builder, you can transform your trading ideas quickly and easily into a profitable strategy, one that you can optimize until you’re satisfied with the results.

  • Build upon curated, pre-defined trading strategies.

  • Select from over 100 technical indicators.

  • Drag and drop strategy parts quickly and easily.

  • Backtest your strategy with historical data.

Evolve from rules to code

Step up your algorithmic trading game using our innovative Creator Tools.

  • Transform your rule-based bots into Python code automatically.

  •  Follow step-by-step video tutorials to learn about algorithmic trading.

  • Make use of our detailed documentation.

Your funds and algorithms are safe.


Since we only use official exchange APIs, your funds remain safe on your exchange. Trality will never touch them.


Your algorithms run reliably 24/7 and never miss a trade. Trality eliminates the need to setup your own trading servers!


Your trading strategies are end-to-end encrypted. We can’t see them!

Start trading now.

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