Trality has been discontinued as of 31.7.2023. Thank you to all our users 💙.
Trality has been discontinued as of 31.7.2023. Thank you to all our users 💙.
Trality has been discontinued as of 31.7.2023. Thank you to all our users 💙.
Trality has been discontinued as of 31.7.2023. Thank you to all our users 💙.

The Trality Guild – Innovate. Collaborate. Generate.

At the beginning of 2022, Trality realized an important milestone in its pursuit of becoming the best platform for algorithmic investing: the Trality Guild. It’s an invitation-only program designed exclusively for our very best Bot Creators, one that confers a number of important advantages.

To put it simply: You love our platform and its innovative tools and we want to collaborate with you in a more direct, more meaningful, and more profitable way.

The Trality Guild

Why a Guild?

Clans, kinships, crews—despite their many names, guilds have been around for millenia and for good reason. Formed to protect mutual interests and maintain standards, a guild is basically an association of people within a particular industry or with similar interests.

The power and potential of teamwork. Strength in numbers.

Become part of the inner circle

Join Trality’s Inner Circle

As a Trality Guild member, you’re not simply an anonymous face in a crowd, but part of Trality’s team. It’s a relationship defined by a deep integration between you, the bot creator, and the Trality team itself. Our collective goal will be to foster the bot-creating community by providing the best platform with the most innovative tools, ones that will enable everyone to trade smarter, faster, and more profitably.

Smarter, Faster, Profitably

Concentrate on What You Do best!

As a Trality Guild member, we want to give you the resources needed for you to create the best bots and a key part of this involves financial compensation. As a Guild member, you will receive a fixed monthly income for as long as the relationship remains a mutually beneficial one. Concentrate on developing market-beating bots that perform and we’ll support you throughout the process. In the long-run, these bots will manage to sustain you directly through monthly rental revenues generated on our upcoming Marketplace.

How to Become a Guild Member?

There are no secret initiations or rituals, no unique oaths, handshakes, or coded signs. There’s only one real way to receive an invite: Be the best. The Trality Guild will only be open to a very select number of participants. Our first Guild members will be drawn from the Trading Competition, but there might be additional pathways to membership in the future. The Trality Guild offers a great deal of support and advantages, but we’re also expecting a lot, too. In addition to the performance of your bots, all Guild members should have profiles and interests that align with Trality’s core values, particularly as they relate to our upcoming Marketplace.

Reliability and a commitment to excellence are paramount.