Introducing: The Trading Engine 2.0.


20 October 20202 min read

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Let’s go over some of the changes and explain how we are striving to improve.

“With the release of our new trading engine, we focused on areas that caused the most pain for our users such as creating and tracking complicated order types or checking whether individual positions or the portfolio is profitable and why. By integrating these features directly in our trading engine, we enable our creators to focus even more closely on their idea for a trading algorithm rather than boilerplate code. This brings us closer to our ultimate goal of maximum flexibility in terms of what you can do on our platform.”

Christopher Helf, CTO of Trality.

With the Trading Engine 2.0, we really thought about the best adjustments we could make to maximize flexibility for our Bot Creators. Here’s how we've done that:

New Order Types

We have introduced a range of new order types such as Trailing Stop Loss, Stop-Limit or Stop-Market and they are supported on all our available exchanges. That means, even if exchanges themselves don’t have that order type, there’s no need to worry as we will take care of everything under the hood for you. Furthermore, we now also support creating orders by value or a target percentage and not only amount. To build on this even more, soon you’ll be able to create your own order types! This long list of additions will allow you to get very creative when developing your next trading strategy.

Please familiarize yourself with the new orders in our documentation.

Order Flow

Algorithmic trading is rarely a straight line and sometimes you need to connect several different orders logically to properly execute your strategy i.e. “This order cancels this order” or “Make this order when that order is complete”.

To facilitate that, we have introduced an order flow function. These connections between orders work for all new order types, all available exchanges and also across different trading pairs. Read up on the new functionality in the documentation.

Position Management

The most crucial information that you need when trading is whether or not you are profitable so we’ve made some tweaks to let you know when you are profitable and when you are not. We've included a full-fledged position management system that tracks a number of key metrics automatically for you, such as realized , unrealized PnL or individual offsetting trades so you get a better picture of the bot's current performance. Read more about that in the documentation.

Portfolio Management

We’ve added a new feature that allows you to have a clear, aggregated view of how your trading bot is doing over multiple symbols. You can see markers such as your average position profit, the number of winning trades among other important metrics to help you and your bot have a successful day of automated trading. Read about it in the documentation.

More to Come...

In addition to the features we’ve highlighted above, we introduced a range of new indicators and candlestick patterns to augment the already existing list and give you the flexibility you come to expect when using Trality. We also spent a long time restructuring and optimizing our documentation to cover all these new features. Plus, we added a handy search function to help you navigate through effortlessly.

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