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Security matters.

That’s why we take every step possible to ensure the security of all our systems and users.

Users funds are not held on your account and will always lie safely on the chosen exchange. Trality is unable to touch your funds directly and will only ever use official exchange APIs to execute orders on your behalf. On top of that, everything on Trality runs on a cloud-based system so you can be sure your bots are always up - we’ve also taken extra measures to ensure that our users are well-protected from all potential web attacks.

Sandboxed user strategies

Users’ strategies and algorithms are completely sandboxed and their creation is browser-based. What this means is that no one apart from yourself can see the ideas you are coming up with while you develop and test your bots. In the near future full end-to-end encryption will render your IP completely your's and your's alone. This will be an essential part of us maximizing privacy and information security on the platform. It’s also a vital part of our mission to ultimately attract the smartest and highest-performing bot creators onto this platform.

Cloud-based ecosystem

Thanks to the fact that everything is cloud-based, you can rest easy knowing that your bot will be running 24/7 and never miss a trade - no need to set up or maintain your own trading servers or organise security measures for those servers - we do all the legwork for you.

Advanced firewall protection

Thanks to our web service provider, our users can rest easy knowing that we have a firewall that protects all our systems against web exploits that may affect uptime, security, or consumes excessive resources such as in a DDOS attack. We have been lucky enough to put these systems to the test and we can safely say that they are running well but we constantly execute battle tests to augment security.

What can you do to augment your security online?

While we take every step to protect our users and systems, there are a few things that you as a user can do to help secure yourself even more. Let’s go through some of the basics.

Be wary (never deal with apps and people from un-trusted sources)

Unfortunately, even with the strongest technical protection possible, users have to play their part as well in order to achieve collective security. You must always remain cautious and develop a sensible intuition when it comes to products and services. This applies everywhere online but more than ever when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. Small steps like avoiding public wifi or simply doing nothing online that you wouldn’t do in the real world can make all the difference. This guidance extends to our social media and communications channels, too. If you’re engaging on our Discord server, for example, don’t talk to strangers unless they're admins of the group and YOU initiate contact. For technical support, only use our official support email: [email protected] and never talk to any scammers on other platforms such as telegram!

When active in the Trality discussion discord chat, only trust official admins

Current list of Trality admins in Trality discord channel:

  • hello.moritz
  • peacer212

Activate multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is the best and quickest way to add another layer of security to your account by validating the user’s identity through two or more steps. For services like Trality, the first step is to input your password. The second step can be an additional one-time code which gets sent to your phone, email or another device. We highly recommend enabling MFA on not only your Trality account but on any services online. Some of the most popular solutions are Google Authenticator or Authy.

Utilise a strong password.

You might think that this goes without saying but when you realize that many people are still using ‘123456’ and that those passwords are breached all the time - you begin to understand the value of a long, strong password. Use caps lock, use numbers, symbols and anything to make your password even more uncrackable.

Don’t just share/copy code

Please don’t simply copy and paste code snippets which someone else has given to you and don’t trust other people blindly. You never know when someone might be trying to trick you into using a harmful algorithm.

Keep your software up to date

This is a tip that most people don’t think about. - even those who are more familiar with technology security. When your applications keep popping up with those update reminders, you should probably pay attention to them. Bad actors and malware usually take advantage of weak points in old versions of your apps. Companies don’t roll out updates for no reason and often they are filing those vulnerabilities.

Be sure that you log in at the right address

Before logging into Trality (or any account), it’s good practice to double-check the URL. Always take a look at the address bar and ensure the small lock icon is present. This icon means that the website you are on is the genuine, SSL-encrypted website. To make sure you always come back to that page - simply bookmark it for ease of access!

Be wary of suspicious emails and never share your password with anyone

Do not share your password with anyone at any time. No one at Trality will never ask for it. This is also the case for any legitimate business. If you get an email or a message somewhere on social media which asks for your current password, you should be very careful as it is almost certainly a phishing attempt. Neither should you EVER send cryptocurrency to a foreign wallet!

Don’t leave your precious devices unattended!

Always be cautious when using Trality from a public network. Be extra cautious when working with your devices in open, public places.