Advanced coding in the Trality Bot Creator.

Use the Trality Bot Creator to bring your trading ideas to life.

  • Support of Python (and more to come) to code algorithms
  • Easy-to-use API to access financial data
  • Numerous synthesized order types
  • Intelligent auto-complete
  • Access to full range of indicators

Blazing-fast backtesting.

Backtesting is at the heart of every trading algorithm iteration. That's why we made it as fast as possible and provide debugging features you'll find nowhere else.

  • Interactive, blazing-fast backtesting
  • Automated scenario tests or individual time frames
  • Live debugging using breakpoints or events
  • Parameter optimization

Build a follower base and generate income.

Once you've got your strategy figured out, you can publish your bot on the Trality Bot Marketplace. For every follower you are rewarded a monthly rent for your effort. The best part: your algorithm will never be revealed to anyone.

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