Hackathon a success

We held the first-ever Trality Hackathon yesterday and couldn't be happier! It helped us to further improve our platform and start growing an awesome bunch of quants and data scientists who are enthusiastic about algorithmic crypto trading. Thanks to everyone who came out! All groups' bots are now competing for the prize money until Jan 8!

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Refactored backend infrastructure

We are continuously working to make our infrastructure more reliable for our traders. In the past month, we’ve made great improvements in bot execution speed, correct scheduling and are improving our API towards easier management of orders and positions. Keep an eye out for new api utilities!

2020 outlook

On the product level, we have big plans for 2020 including the Trality Bot Marketplace and more bleeding-edge Bot Creation tools. For requests, please visit our new feature request board!
On the business side, due to several successful investor presentations and advanced negotiations with business angels, we are confident to close an early convertible round soon before tackling a larger priced round mid next year.

Visit our feature request board ->