What went in to this release?

  • Since we launched the Beta, we have strived to constantly improve our platform. Without your constant feedback this wouldn’t have been possible.
  • We worked tirelessly on our authentication, security and bot deployment frameworks to give you a trading experience as smooth and error-free as possible.
  • We built a secure encryption system for your API keys so that your funds remain completely safe and untouchable to us.
  • We connected to the official Binance API so that all your funds remain safe on your exchange account and your bots merely send trade signals to Binance.

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Added features

We listed to your feedback and also included some new features in this release. Among these are the use of limit orders in both our editor and while doing paper-trading, additional backtesting scenarios (6 each for BTC, ETH and USDT), new bot templates (multi-asset and multi-period trading), and much more.

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Looking forward, we have many more great releases planned for the near future, such as a simple way to create bots without needing to code, which we will release by the end of the month as well as the bot marketplace to be released in fall. Can’t wait!

How you can help us

We are starting to build up our sales and marketing channels so to grow our user base beyond amazing Beta users. As our sales and (growth-) marketing experience is still limited, we are looking for help with this topic. We appreciate any introductions to people who might be interested to help/collaborate.

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