A token of our gratitude:

We are overwhelmed with the response we have received from our ever growing community of Trality users. Even though this current Beta release targets the specialized group people who really love to dive deep into algorithms and want to code amazing trading bots using Python, we have already enjoyed significant user growth and received so much valuable feedback. For everyone, who would still like to join our Beta, there’s no time like the present: Join our Beta!

Beta progress so far: we’ve listened to your feedback

  • We have addressed and fixed over 30 tickets pertaining to bugs or improvement requests.
  • We have widened our data basis and added additional candle intervals to the Trality Bot Back-tester. Available now: 1d, 12h, 6h, 1h, 30m, 15m and 5m.
  • We have improved the mobile view so that you are now able to deploy and monitor your bots on cell phones and tablets. The Bot Code Editor will remain web-based for the time being.
  • Live trading will be available soon! Everything is already in place, we are just undergoing the final tests. Within the next 2 weeks we will enable live trading on Binance!

Join our Beta to be informed about live trading ->

Video walk-through

To get you aquatinted with all of Trality’s current features — including live trading — we put together a short video. Check it out to see what our platform is already capable of!

Watch the video ->

How you can help us

Fundraising can be a long process and we are currently building our network for a financing round due to be be closed by Spring 2020. If you know investors, VCs or other relevant stakeholders in the FinTech space, we would be very grateful for your warm introduction.

Mail us directly with any leads ->