This Beta version is perfect for…

…people who really love to dive deep into algorithms and want to code amazing trading bots: quants, mathematicians, statisticians or people who generally love quantitative problem solving. To all of you we say: try our Beta! To all non-coders we say: check out the outlook section below, soon we will release features which let you profit from bots without the need a single line of code! Join our Beta!

Key feature: the code-based Trality Bot Creator

-The Code-based Trality Bot Creator is the heart of this Beta: it’s a completely cloud-based bot editor including a custom Python API, over 100 technical indicators as well as a blazingly fast back-testing feature.
-Paper-trading: initially, we offer the possibility to paper-trade on virtual accounts. This decision was made in an effort to maximize reliability and safety before rolling out live-trading in the very near future.
-Trality Bot Dashboard: it lets you monitor and analyze the current progress of our active trading bots in every detail and gives you an overview over your complete portfolio.


Visit our documentation pages where you will find all the in-depth information you need to successfully use the Trality Bot Creator. This includes a detailed API reference which helps you build the most professional algorithms.

Visit the docs ->

Outlook: Trality Bot Marketplace to be released soon

This Beta is mainly targeted towards coders. But in the future, the Trality user base consists of two different groups: those who create and those who follow trading bots. The next months are dedicated to building the most advanced platform for users, who want to follow bots. This finally lets all of you experience the excitement of algorithmic trading without the need to write a single line of code!

Read our roadmap ->

Regular updates & feedback!

As of next month, the Trality Updates mailing will become more regular and get you up to speed during the first week of each month. Until then, please, help us to improve and tell us how you like it so far. For example by joining our telegram group or by replying to this mail. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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