Trading in Turbulent Times

In our latest blogpost, we introduce our readers to a beginner-level trading bot, discuss how its underlying algorithm works and show how it could have potentially helped its user by protecting his/her assets during turbulent times, like the current Covid-19 crisis.

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Rule Builder Improvements

If you're using multiple trading pairs in your rule-based trading bot, you can now define individual trading strategies for each of them. We've released a new feature called "Strategy override" that lets you aggregate a blend of different strategies all in one bot. You'll find it in the Strategy section of the Trality Bot Creator at the bottom. Be ready for more improvements on the rule builder coming your way soon!

1 Minute Candles

Due to popular request, one minute candles are finally available for backtesting. We saw that a lot of you had bots running on smaller intervals, so make sure to head over to the Trality Bot Creator and double-check your strategy on the newly released interval.