The product development timeline

First things first: when do we finally launch?!
Well, technically we already have — but “only” a very early, private Beta for selected user tests. We use them extensively to brush up the product for when we go public Beta. Speaking of which,the public Beta is planned for the beginning of June! For those who want to know more about our Product development timeline, check out our first Medium article where we detail our product development plans and timeline


In light of our upcoming public Beta launch, we are slowly stepping up our marketing game and attended the 4GC Festival 2019 in Vienna.
In case you missed it, you can visit our YouTube channel and watch a video of that pitch. We are certainly still improving our pitch game and the video quality could also be better, but hey: it’s a start!
Check out the pitch ->

Best Pitch at Startup Live

Even though we’re not too big on startup events (we believe in focusing on product development first), Startup Live was the other event we attended last month.
We originally came for the invaluable mentoring and networking but actually ended up leaving with a prize for Best Pitch. Thanks so much for having us, Startup Live!

Landing page with facelift

We are feeling extra fresh! Thanks to our amazing graphic designer, Tomáš Nožina, we revamped our landing page.
Tomáš is also in charge of the UI/UX design for our web and mobile app. You can check out his work on dribble.
Check out his work ->